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If you are looking for something from the past then this is the place to look. All the Australasian Bat Society Newsletters from the very first edition in February 1993 are available below. We also have all volumes of the Australian bat journal Macroderma which was published between 1985 and 1989.


Click on the titles to download a PDF copy of Macroderma.  

Australasian Bat Society Newsletter archive

Click on the titles to download a PDF copy of the Australasian Bat Society Newsletter.


ABSN01 Feb. 1993 ABSN02 July 1993 ABSN03 May 1993 ABSN04 April 1995 ABSN05 Oct. 1995 Macroderma 5.1&2 1989 ABSN06 Mar. 1996 ABSN07 Oct. 1996 ABSN08 Mar. 1997 ABSN16 Mar. 2001 ABSN24 Apr. 2005 ABSN22 July 2004 ABSN23 Nov. 2004 ABSN09 Oct. 1997 ABSN10 Mar. 1998 ABSN11 Oct. 1998 ABSN12 Mar. 1999 ABSN13 Sept. 1999 ABSN17 Oct. 2001 ABSN18 Jun. 2002 ABSN19 Dec. 2002 ABSN20 Apr. 2003 ABSN14 Mar. 2000 ABSN15 Sept. 2000 ABSN21 Nov. 2003 Macroderma 1.1 1985 Macroderma 1.2 1985 Macroderma 3.1 1987 Macroderma 3.2 1987 Macroderma 2.2 1986 Macroderma supp 1985 Macroderma 2.1 1986 Macroderma 4.1 1988 Macroderma 4.2 1988 ABSN32 Apr. 2009 ABSN30 Apr. 2008 ABSN31 Nov. 2008 ABSN25 Nov. 2005 ABSN26 Apr. 2006 ABSN27 Nov. 2006 ABSN28 Apr. 2007 ABSN29 Nov. 2007

ABS Newsletter

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The Australasian Bat Society publishes a bi-annual membership newsletter which highlights the latest bat conservation news and work of the society.

Our newsletters are filled with a variety of information about bat issues, activities, observations and research in the region.


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Note: The most recent newsletters are only available for members to download. Older newsletters (more than 2 years) are freely available to everyone from our newsletter archive (see below).


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