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The 2018 bat night season is here! Below are events to be held across SA.


Brookfield Bat Night

Brookfield Scientific Camp, Blanchetown

Saturday 17th February

6.00pm - 9.00pm


Come and see harp traps in action. Learn about insect eating bats in your back yard and how you can contribute to Mega Murray Darling Microbat Project.


RSVP essential: Tricia Curtis (007 215 316).


The Mega Murray Darling Microbat Project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Inspiring Australia - Science Engagement Program. Project partners are The South Australian museum, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (Natural Resources SA Murray- Darling Basin), MidMurray LandCare SA, Uni SA's Discovery Circle.

























Bat Night

Second Adelaide Scout Hall

1 Maitland St, Mitcham

Thursday 8th March



Presentation to scouts.

Australasian Bat Night Events - South Australia




Bat Night in Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge Community Nursery

92 - 102 Greenlands Drive, Murray Bridge

Friday 2nd March

6pm - 9pm


In Level 2 of the Mega Murray-Darling Microbat Project, you can become a citizen science and learn how to collect data on bats. This bat night will teach you about the science behind bat calls,  how to use the monitoring equipment, scientific survey methods, how to use the BioCollect app, and what the data is used for. It might sound complicated, but this event is suitable for all ages. RSVP to Jo Clarke on 0428 830 568 or The Mega Murray-Darling Microbat Project is a collaborative project between South Australian Museum, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin), Mid-Murray LandCare and UniSA Discovery Circle n partnership with community groups. Supported by The Australian Government Inspiring Australia program and Eastern Hills & Murray Plains Catchment group.





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