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The 2018 bat night season is here! Below are events to be held across SA.


Brookfield Bat Night

Brookfield Scientific Camp, Blanchetown

Saturday 17th February

6.00pm - 9.00pm


Come and see harp traps in action. Learn about insect eating bats in your back yard and how you can contribute to Mega Murray Darling Microbat Project.


RSVP essential: Tricia Curtis (007 215 316).


The Mega Murray Darling Microbat Project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Inspiring Australia - Science Engagement Program. Project partners are The South Australian museum, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (Natural Resources SA Murray- Darling Basin), MidMurray LandCare SA, Uni SA's Discovery Circle.



Australasian Bat Night Events - South Australia


Naracoorte Pinnaroo Bats of MLR SA 21 March

Bat Night

Second Adelaide Scout Hall, 1 Maitland St, Mitcham

Thursday 8th March



Presentation to scouts.



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