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Australasian Bat Night

The inaugural Australasian Bat Night was held in 2012. Each year since, bat specialists have teamed up with community and local government groups to hold over 100 bat events during March, April and May throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Join this fantastic community event where we debunk the myths and fears associated with bats, and demonstrate how better conservation measures can not only help protect our native bats but also assist people to live alongside our nocturnal neighbours!

Time to get inspired!

There are so many things to do on a Bat Night! How about a bat walk looking for microbat activity or watching a fly-out from a flying fox colony! Building bat boxes is always fun or even better hold a Bat Festival! We are inviting everyone from local councils and community groups to zoos and museums to participate by running bat activities froduring autumn from March to May.


ABS has invited community and local government organisations and individuals to register events and activities but we need your help to make it even better and bigger through promotion of Bat Night.

Help make 2019 even better!

Have a great idea for a bat night event but don't know how to get it started? Or are you an organisation or community group who are ready and rearing to go and just need to advertise your event?!


Register you event or contact our Bat Night Coordinator Maree Kerr at Please include dates, location, and provide us with links to any advertising you do.


How do I get involved?

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