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Bat Fact Sheets

Looking for information about bats? We have 12 'Bat Fact Packs' that provide important information on a range of commonly asked bat questions. These packs were prepared by bat experts for the Australasian Bat Society public forum held in Melbourne in April 2012.


You are welcome to download and use these packs.




Australia's flying-foxes

The facts about flying-foxes in Australia.


Bats and human health

Find out more about bats and human health.


Bats in caves, mines and bridges

What to do if you find bats roosting in

a mine, cave or bridge.


Bats in your house

What to do if you find bats in your house.


Bats and lights

Did you know some bats don't like bright city lights?


City bats and trees

Information about the importance of trees as bat habitat in cities.


Tree pruning and bats

Things for landscapers to consider when pruning.


Boxes for bats

Information about roost boxes for bats.


Cool bat facts

Fascinating information about bats.


Project Echo

A New Zealand community bat project. 


Flying-foxes in Melbourne

All about Melbourne's flying-foxes.


Engage in bat research

Interested in getting involved in bat research?

Australian flyng foxes factsheet