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The ABS Discussion List is a forum for ABS members to discuss their views and opinions, share information, or discuss anything related to bats in Australasia (and beyond) with other members of the ABS. We encourage everyone to make use the ABS Forums.


To send a message to everyone on the Discussion List, send your email to




As a society, we encourage informed discussion of bat-related issues and expect our members to treat each other courteously and with respect. Constructive criticism is accepted, offensive language is not. Please think very carefully before posting a message that contains material critical about specific individuals, and especially where there is a risk of affecting someone's good standing in the ABS or broader community. We do not tolerate defamatory attacks or bullying, and reserve the right to remove any inappropriate messages from the list.




You need to be a member of the ABS to send a message to the Discussion List


If you are a member of the ABS, and your email post is rejected by the Discussion List,  login to the member portal at and check your settings under 'Edit email discussion list options'. Check that the option to 'Receive emails' is set to 'YES' and that the email address that you are sending your posting from is correct.


Attachment types that the Discussion list will accept are jpg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, xls or xlsx.


The maximum size of any attachment that the Discussion List will accept is 2MB.


Attachments need to be 'real' attachments and not 'inline' attachements such as images that appear as pictures within an email message. Inline images will be automatically deleted.


Replying to a Discussion List email will send the response to everyone on the Discussion List, not just the individual who initially posted the email.


When replying to discussion list threads simply click 'reply' and do not amend the subject line.


Within the members portal ( members can choose to recieve emails from the Discussion List instantly or once per day in a daily 'digest' format. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM REPLYING TO THE DAILY DIGEST EMAIL. To reply to any of the threads within a daily digest, please use the same subject line you are responding to and send your response to You should start with a blank email.


To remove yourself from this list, login to the member portal at and change your settings under 'Edit email discussion list options'



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