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Attract Microbats - Install a Bat House!

Installing a backyard bat roost box is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to nature. And your bat-tenants will pay you back with some wonderful benefits!


Microbats are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems as many eat huge amounts of insects, including farm pests and many of the nasty bugs that harass outdoor gatherings. You'll also enjoy learning more about bats as you watch them come and go from the home you provided.


And homes are often in short supply for bats. Their populations are declining around the world, often because of disappearing habitat.


For the best advice on bat roost box design and building check out this Bat Roost Box Kit produced by the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists. The accompanying carpenter's drawings will help any backyard handyman create their own little bat roost box!


Once you have the bat box built make sure you check out our Boxes for Bats factsheet for advice on how and where to place your new bat box on your property!


If you are interested in buying a fully assembled bat box or a kit, Latrobe University Wildlife Reserve's nursery in Keelbundora, Victoria, sells both. Assembled they are about $60 and as kits about $45. Check them out here.

Bat roost box kit Drawing 1 Drawing 2 Drawing 3 bats in box C15 C31