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Recent bat lyssavirus case Newman's Bat Squads

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28 March 2013

Australian bat lyssavirus: What it means for the community and bat conservation

26 February 2013

Response to Premier Newman's call for so-called "bat squads" to cull flying-foxes

21 August 2014

Response to NSW flying-fox Netting Program being extended

Avalon Bat Dispersal

11 November 2015

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage in breach of its own policy in Avalon Bat Dispersal

Batemans Bay Bat Dispersal

19 May 2016

Flying-fox dispersal set to make an already difficult situation worse

NSW Netting Program Bat Night 2017

7 March 2017

Australasian Bat Night 2017: Come and discover your local bats

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21 March 2018

18th Australasian Bat Society Conference and Public Forum on Sydney’s Bats