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Successful applicants will be notified within four weeks of the closing date of submissions.


Payment of funding:

Successful applicants will be required to sign an assistance agreement that describes the ABS’s commitment to your project and asks you, in turn, to agree to meet the conditions of assistance (set out below). The assistance agreement must be signed and returned to the ABS in order to receive funding.


On receipt of the assistance the successful applicant will receive 80% of the total amount granted. The final 20% will be paid on receipt of the article to the Australasian Bat Society Newsletter regarding the project (see conditions of assistance below).


Conditions of assistance:

To receive assistance successful applicants must agree to:


• Submit an article to the Australasian Bat Society Newsletter

 about the project and its achievements.


• Make freely available the results of ABS funded work

 wherever possible.


• Acknowledge the support of the ABS in publications or public presentations etc. about the project.


• Indicate that they have obtained (or will obtain) the necessary permits to carry out the project.


• Offer to an approved public zoological collection, any specimens which may be collected as a result of support by the fund.



Applications should be sent to [email protected], in Word format (not PDF) to ensure that identifying details may be removed, before the end of the closing date.


The ABS reserves the right not to accept submissions that are sent after the closing date.

Assessment of applications:

The assessment process will be double-blind, and all applications will be anonymised prior to being passed onto the assessment panel. Applicants can choose to either anonymise applications themselves by removing their names and other details that may make them readily identifiable, or upon receipt of the application the ABS Secretary will anonymise the application. Applicants will be given the option to review the changes that the Secretary makes.


Applications will usually be assessed by the selection panel of three people, derived from the ABS executive (including the extended executive). At times, if needed, the ABS may call on additional experts to assist in determining a project application, or the Secretary may need to contact applicants to gather more information.


All applications will be assessed on merit; that is, how well the project matches our objectives, its viability and expected conservation improvements, the project’s potential to receive funding from other sources, and how the project compares with other funding proposals. Only applications determined by the selection panel to be suitable for funding will be eligible to receive funding.


Note that the Paddy Pallin Foundation has expressed a preference i) for at least one of the annual grants to support research on flying-foxes, and ii) for most grants to contribute to our understanding of bat habitat needs

Our Paddy Pallin Foundation-sponsored ABS grants support projects by members that promote the conservation and/or knowledge of bats in Australasia


  • Two competitive grants of $3,500 each will be awarded each

  • At least one of the two grants will be awarded to a project related to flying-foxes (see below)






Paddy Pallin Foundation-sponsored ABS grants

Not an ABS member?



Members must submit an application proposal outlining the project’s objectives, methodology, timeline, budget details and contribution to the conservation and/or knowledge of bats in Australasia.






  • Applications round opens once a year sometime between March and May

  • The next closing date for applications is SUNDAY 14 JUNE 2020

Applications (Closed)

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