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Ultrasonic bat surveys.

ABS Position on shooting flying-foxes:

The ABS while understanding the frustrations of primary producers opposes any mitigation measures that may be inhumane or which could harm flying-foxes and their habitat.

ABS Position on Hendra virus and flying-foxes:

The ABS while understanding community concern opposes any management actions that may be inhumane or which could harm flying-foxes and their habitat.

Principles and policies

The guiding principles of the Australasian Bat Society are outlined in our constitution.

ABS Constitution

Our Constitution

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ABS Position on flying-fox dispersal:

The ABS does not generally support dispersal attempts as they are rarely successful in resolving conflict and the impacts on the animals are unknown.

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The Inquiry into the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Protection Conservation Amendment (Retaining

Federal Approval Powers) Bill 2012

The Inquiry into the effectiveness of threatened species and ecological communities' protection in Australia 2012

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Consultation on the Draft Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Policy Statement: Camp management guidelines for the Grey-headed and Spectacled flying-fox

EPBC Submission Threatened species Flying-fox camp management Ultrasonic survey guidelines Hendra virus and Flying Foxes Flying Fox camp dispersal Camp dispersal data Shooting and Flying Foxes



Comment on the draft Biodiversity Conservation Bill 2016, the draft Local Land Services Amendment Bill 2016 and the proposed Local Land Services Codes of Practice

Biodiversity Conservation Bill

The Inquiry into Environmental Offsets in Australia 2014

Environmental offsets submission